2017 Lambs

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April 11, 2017

9:50pm Bea delivered this ewe lamb unassisted.  She is a black badgerface and her sire is Champ.

We are definitely having a ewe-lamby year here at Mulberry Grove Farm!  This girl makes 10 ewe lambs out of 12 lambs born so far!  She is our first badgerfaced lamb this year!  She will be on the for sale list, as I have alot of Bea's line.

April 17, 2017

April 16th at about 11:30pm, Eva was delivering a lamb hind legs first.  This solid moorit ram lamb did not survive.  Then at 12:15am, April 17th she delivered the second lamb, another ram lamb, normally.  The second lamb is doing great!  He is a moorit grey and his sire is Patrick.  I'm calling this guy, Legend, because he will be the last lamb for 10 year old Eva.  She gets to retire from lambing after this guy is weaned.  She has been a wonderful ewe, giving us all twins and triplets, except one year a single when she was 8yrs old.  She was the first Icelandic ewe to lamb on our farm back in 2008!  We love this old girl! 

April 25, 2017

Mercy had twin ewe lambs this afternoon, unassisted!  She is an excellent first time mother!  The black ewe came first and her noticeably larger white sister came about 15 minutes later.  The second lamb was covered with yellow and meconium, so they may have been a little late.  The white ewe also has alot of phaeomelanin in her fleece, giving it a light brown tint.  Their sire is Champ.

April 26, 2017

Juanita really didn't want me around when she lambed for the first time!  I was suspicious she was in labor but she was very sneaky about it.  I found her with 2 hooves presenting and ran in the house quick.  When I came back out 7 minutes later she was cleaning off a moorit grey ewe lamb that was holding its head up already!  I thought maybe she was done, although she has a huge udder, but she didn't have another water bag or any clue that would tell me if there were more.  I waited for about 45 minutes for a clue, but she was so excited about her new lamb she wouldn't lay down and finish.  So I went in the house for about 15 minutes and came out and she had 2 lambs! The second was cleaned off and trying to nurse!  The second is also a moorit grey ewe lamb with alot of flashing.  Juanita is a wonderful mother!  Patrick is the sire.  

I'm so proud of these last 2 ewes to lamb.  They went into breeding late and settled almost right away!  Crystal is the only ewe left to lamb and she should in the next few days also!

With these 2 new ewe lambs, our ewe lamb count is 14 and 4 ram lambs! Wow!

April 28, 2017

Crystal had twin white ram lambs late tonight.   The sire is Patrick.  

This completes our 2017 lambing season! We are very pleased with the lamb crop this year.