Previous Flock Sires

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Previous Sires used for Breeding Seasons 2007 - 2010

VISIRSON LF110R (click on photo for pedigree)

White horned twin ram.  AI son of Iceland's Visir.  I would call him our "Grand-sire".  Our best bloodlines for conformation & performance have come from Visirson & his progeny. 

Lightning     MBG7U(click photo for pedigree)

White horned triplet ram. Son of Visirson above.  As wonderful as Visirson but with an even better temperament.  He was like a big teddy bear. 

Clay     MBG34X(click photo for pedigree)

Moorit grey horned triplet. Son of Lightning. Dam is a Tongue River born ewe.  Prolific, milky lines.  Wonderful fleece and correct conformation. Sire to Luke and our ewe Gigi.

Gilthanas     MBG2U

Moorit solid horned twin ram.  Amos' son.  Nice length, wide horn set, beautiful moorit fleece. 

Charlie     TMB16T(click photo for pedigree)

Moorit grey spotted horned twin. Wonderful fleece ram & nice wide horn set. 

Cully     TMB7T(click photo for pedigree)

Moorit grey mouflon horned twin ram.  Well rounded ram - nice mixed fleece, wide horn set, great temperament, easy to work with & handle, nice long body and correct, sturdy conformation.  We have, Zeke, Cully's son as one of our new sires for 2013 lambs. We also have Cully's daughters, Stella and Dinah in our ewe flock.

Rambo     MBG32X

Black homozygous grey horned twin ram.  Beautiful grey fleece, thel rich.  Beautifully colored and wide horn set.  Good body length and fast growing lamb.  Cully & Eva's son. 

Trygg     VB8U(click photo for pedigree)

White horned twin ram (quite possibly spotted under his white pattern). Lots of AI in his bloodlines.  Perfect conformation, good length & gorgeous fleece. We have his son, Ace, back on the farm and sire for 2013 lambs. 

Gabriel     MBG41X

Black grey spotted horned triplet ram. Trygg's son.  Excellent conformation.  Lots of AI lines in his pedigree.  Especially rare lines from Dam: LF161S, Muffin. We have Gabriel daughters in our ewe flock:  Lucille, Gem and Onyx.

BJORN     VB5S (click on photo for pedigree)

Moorit mouflon horned twin ram. Sired quadruplets.  Wide with long body. 

Amos     LF127R (click photo for pedigree)

Black spotted horned ram.  Wonderful fleece. Ari line.